About A.M. Bickley Inc.


A.M. Bickley was founded by Alton Murray Bickley in the 1940's in Marshallville, Georgia. Mr. Bickley, known as "Red" to his friends and customers, started the business by purchasing vegetables directly off local farms and taking them directly to market. When farmers made the transition from peaches and cotton to corn, wheat, and soybeans, Mr. Bickley recognized the change and opened a warehouse and storage facility so the farmers would have a market for these new crops. This change in market also led to Mr. Bickley's purchase of a seed processing facility and more trucks for a wider range of transportation. Mr. Bickley's younger brother, B.G., joined the firm, and the business grew as local farmers prospered from the developement of hybrid seeds, commercial fertilizers, and modern farm equipment. "Red's" two sons, A.M. Bickley Jr and John S Bickley began working with their father and uncle after graduating college; the company continued to thrive with most of its profits going back into the business in order to increase capacity. Even after Mr. Bickley's death in 1978, A.M. Bickley is still growing under their management and the addition of the third generation of the Bickley family, A.M. (Murray) Bickley III . The company also recently added the service of crop insurance with GA Farmers Agency, LLC with Joe Bickley as the manager. Belinda Taylor has served as the office manager since 2010 and Jimmy Giles leads the firm as head of merchandising. A.M. Bickley has been an ever evolving family business and continues to change to meet its original purpose of helping farmers and the Ag industry be prosperous. Presently, A.M. Bickley is a full service grain dealer with a two million bushel storage capacity and is associated with partnership companies dealing in Agricultural Chemicals and Marketing.